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Fresh Lawns
Do you get that feeling of dread when looking at your back yard? Something needs to be done about that forest of a yard. Of course you’re not looking forward to the hot, sweaty task that lies ahead of you. If only there was a fully insured, handsome
Andrews Affordable Mowing Service
When individuals and businesses in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast area need a mowing and garden maintenance service, they call on the company they can trust. We are sure to provide an excellent result every time. This is why we have such
Ben's NDIS Maintenance
Ben's Backyard Garden Maintenance is a family business, we help locals for over 20 years currently an NDIS service provider, we have it all covered our team of specialist provide Lawn Mowing and House cleaning NDIS services with the best possible fin
Leading Edge Property Maintenance
About Us Leading Edge Property Maintenance is a Locally owned business that is based in Wagga Wagga and we pride ourselves in being the "Best Gardeners In Town", See your dream garden come alive without lifting a finger! It's that easy
JM Lawn Mowing
About JM LAWN MOWING JM Lawn Mowing has been providing professional gardening and mowing services to Victoria for several years now. Our services include commercial and residential mowing as well as a full range of other gardening services. We ensu
Grahams Garden Care
About Us Affordable gardeners from Graham’s Garden Care Graham's Garden Care is a professional Franchise Group made up of experienced gardeners dedicated to the ongoing growth of the group and the brand. Our Franchisees are committed to providing t
Mowing Down Under
Hi! I'm Will. I just love landscaping and everything outdoor. That's why I decided to provide a local service for those who need experienced garden design, construction and maintenance. It is challenging to grow a beautiful garden in our region, bu
Gurni & Garden Guy
GURNI & GARDEN GUY provides professional lawn and garden maintenance (plus additional services) with a friendly and reliable attitude. Whether you need a hand around the home or business, our attention to detail makes all the difference. Always p
Ballarat Lawns and Gardens
We Are Ballarat Lawns and Gardens Ballarat Lawns and Gardens is a full-service landscaping company with a straightforward and unique design/build philosophy. We believe in having one landscape designer handle the job from its conception on paper, to
Launceston Garden and Lawn
Launceston Garden & Lawn Services has been operating for over 10 years. We are dedicated to maintaining your lawns and gardens to a high standard that you can be proud of. Our customers include real estate agents, home owners, commercial and rental t
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How to find the Right Lawn Mower

There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh cut grass and having a beautifully manicured lawn around your home, especially during the spring and summer months. To keep your lawn looking top notch, it is vital to maintain it regularly throughout the year. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself or if you just don’t want to, consider hiring a lawn mowing service.

Here are some important tips to help you find one that works for you.

How’s their reputation?

While reviews don’t always provide the whole story (usually only really positive and really negative experiences are written about online), they do provide a good glimpse at what you’re getting into. Also, if the company has tons and tons of negative reviews and detailed accounts of inadequacy, you can probably count on them to be a shoddy company.

Are they licensed and insured?

Being licensed and insured is a must. But it’s not the standard. I bet you know somebody who pays under the table for lawn care. It’s very common. You might even do it yourself. We’re suggesting you might want to stop that practice, for a couple of reasons. One, if they’re licensed and insured, then you know they’ve dedicated their life’s work to being a professional. They’re not just trying to make a quick buck on the side. Two – and more importantly – if they get injured on your property, you’ll likely be liable. Not only that, if their mower flicks a rock through your window, their insurance won’t cover the damage.

How is their customer service?

Excellent customer service from a lawn care company seems to be a diamond in the rough these days. It’s tough to get a quote. It’s even more difficult to modify service or get specialty jobs done. Many companies are disorganized, and you’ll spend way too much time playing phone tag (which is why we suggest lawn care companies because ’email first’ businesses).

So in that case, look for a company with an office manager or owner-operator who will always respond promptly and reasonably.

Look for a lawn care company that is up-to-date on technology, reachable through email/social media, and preferably one that uses lawn care scheduling and billing software.

How do they maintain their equipment?

A great question to weed out bad lawn care providers: “How often do you sharpen your blades?” This is a frequent disparity between your average DIYer and a lawn care company. A professional can tell the difference between grass cut with a dull and a sharp blade. Dull blades make grass look tattered and brown on top. If you’re mowing your own lawn, you’d generally change your blade once or twice per year. Good lawn care companies usually sharpen or change blades every 1-2 days.

Make Sure the Price is Right

Fitting the service to your budget is clearly important, so go ahead and ask them about their rates and what level of service is included in their quotes. If you need a number of services, always check to see if you can afford them all. Also, find out how often you’ll have to pay and in which form they like to receive payment.

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