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A & M Slashing is a service company that provides all manner of grass cutting and minor vegetation management. Specialising in mowing, acreage slashing and maintenance, firebreaks, grass cutting, herbicide treatment and heaps more! ________________________________________ A & M Slashing provides services to residential, commercial and civil properties in Central Queensland; servicing Gladstone, Calliope, Benaraby, Boyne Island & Tannum Sands with a professional approach at reasonable rates. A & M Slashing has an outstanding track record in completing jobs on time and within budget. The business is locally owned and has knowledge of the local area. As the business has low overheads it can maintain a very competitive pricing schedule. With a diverse range of machinery and capabilities A & M Slashing can fulfill a broad range of slashing and maintenance services. The main objective at A & M Slashing is to offer clients an excellent service at a very competitive price whether the job is big or small.

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