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Do you get that feeling of dread when looking at your back yard? Something needs to be done about that forest of a yard. Of course you’re not looking forward to the hot, sweaty task that lies ahead of you. If only there was a fully insured, handsome professional who could come along with everything they need and give your lawn a fresh feeling at an easy flat price? Luckily, you have Fresh Lawns With hundreds of clients served, our Brisbane-based lawn mowing professionals bring everything they need to make your lawn look amazing. With services ranging from mowing to leaf blowing to hedging, your yard will be the envy of your neighbours. Of course, all of this sounds great, but who wants to call around to get quotes or book services these days? All Inclusive Prices Have your cake and eat it too with our all inclusive flat rate pricing. Find the size of your lawn, and that’s the price you’ll pay for lawn mowing, edge trimming and leaf blowing. Not to mention our great customer service is included FREE with every booking! Recurring Discounts You’ll receive up to a 20% discount for booking in a regular service with us. Simply select weekly through to monthly on your booking. Don’t worry, we don’t have contracts. Cancel any time! Local Professionals All of our lawn professionals are local people who know the area, and know the landscape. They are all interviewed and vetted with years of experience in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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