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Personal Care Personal care services are those that help you with your personal daily tasks. These fall under the core supports category and include things such as: Assistance showering Assistance getting into and out of bed Help with dressing and personal grooming Help with toileting Cleaning and gardening Cleaning and gardening services help you to keep your home neat and tidy. They also ensure that you remain safe by removing any obstacles, preventing dirt and grime, and making sure you have clean clothes to wear, Common cleaning and gardening services are: vacuuming laundering clothes and hanging out washing washing dishes dusting mowing the lawns pruning maintaining garden paths window cleaning Wound management and changing of dressings Meal services If you require some help preparing meals and cooking, your NDIS funding can assist you with this. We can send you a support worker who can do your grocery shopping for you and make sure that your pantry is always full of all you need. They can not only prepare meals for you, but also teach you how to cook for yourself. Household maintenance Changing light bulbs can be a challenge for everyone. Household maintenance services will do this for you, as well as installing any safety or mobility devices. Larger home modifications may also be possible depending on your needs and the goals in your NDIS Plan.

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