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Lawn Mowing : We offer Lawn Mowing Services for small domestic yards to acreage and commercial properties. We service all Melbourne suburbs. Garden Maintenance : We offer a large variety of services including pruning to tidying upyour garden, fertilising, weed spraying, hedging in stunning straight lines or unique designs as per your requirements. We also do edging using the whipper snipper or brush cutter for nice neat edges and removing all the grass clippings. We also offer Tree Lopping, tree felling and stump grinding, from the removal of single tree at domestic residences right up to commercial projects, including mulching. For large acerage and commercial properties, we also offer an affordable slashing service. Cleanup : We also help you with cleaning up your garden which can easily get out-of-hand and start looking scruffy even during the slow-growing time of the year. Contact us today for a free quote.

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