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About Us Mower Mate SA has been in operation since 2005. We have evolved from a domestic only mowing business to domestic & commercial mowing business. To date, we currently mow 50 median strips for Fulton Hogan within the metropolitan and outlying regional areas of Adelaide. We are able to do broad acre slashing of very large areas. In addition, Mower Mate can also mow very large recreational ovals and grass areas. Mower Mate SA can do all jobs such as median strips, school ovals, council parks, investment clearing, and large property clearing. Our current list of proud clients include Fulton Hogan, many schools in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, Property & Gardens, Department of Energy & Water Resources, Department of Planning & Transport, Department of Sports & Recreation & Department of Urban & Development, Urban Environs, NAWMA. Due to our large amount of machinery currently owned by Mower Mate, there is a continuity of machines available to complete any project. We currently have • 3 x 4WD tractors with 7-foot EHD slashers or flail mowers • Ventrac manoeuvrable tractor • Front Deck John Deere Mower • Two John Deere Zero Turn 910A mowers • Dedicated fire fighting unit if required on scene With each mower having a dedicated trailer for the cut grass, weeds & rubbish. We have a Field support unit operated by a competent mechanic to prevent major downtime on any job as well. Mower Mate SA is the answer to your mowing needs. If you would like to view our machinery please click this link.

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